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Six Benefits Your Industrial Operation Can Enjoy From A Compactor

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If you’re looking for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your industrial operations, you might want to consider investing in a trash compactor.  Trash removal from a manufacturing facility can be a challenging task in industrial operations that produce a great deal of waste material. Investing in a trash compactor can offer the following six advantages to companies that have been struggling with managing this task: Fuel economy A trash compactor will reduce the size of the waste you need to transport off-site for disposal. This means that you’ll often be able to transport your waste to a disposal facility in fewer trips if you invest in a compactor.  Space economy It’s often difficult to find the space to store waste until removal time at facilities with limited storage resources. A trash compactor can assist with storage shortages if trash is compacted immediately after it is produced so that it can be stored in a smaller area until it is taken off-site for disposal.  Prevents waste from blowing around your facility Loose waste can often become wind-blown, littering an industrial facility and even creating safety hazards. On the other hand, compacted waste cannot easily be blown out of dumpster areas, so it’s easier to keep it in place. Trash compacting can make it easier to keep your industrial facility clean, organized, and safe.  Keeps scavengers out of your trash If you have a problem with intruders scavenging company waste at your facility, compacting waste could solve the problem.  Compacting waste not only reduces the size of the waste in question, but it also typically make waste useless to scavengers who might be tempted to steal it to reuse it in other industrial or construction projects.  Easier on the environment Because compacted waste is less bulky, it won’t take up as much space when it is sent to a landfill.  Compacting trash is not only better for the environment because it takes up less space, but also because it reduces fuel consumption necessary for transporting waste. Environmental advantages like these benefit companies by both reducing overhead costs and generating positive PR by showing that a company is socially responsible.  Less labor involved Compacting trash reduces the amount of labor resources you need to put into handling and transporting waste. With a trash compactor, you can allocate staff resources to more pressing tasks, increasing specialization of labor and decreasing the costs of labor at your facility.  Contact a company like Cavossa Disposal Corporation to learn...

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The Ins And Outs Of Getting New Railing

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When you need to purchase railing for your property, it will require you to make some critical decisions, which will affect your property as a whole. This guide will lay out some important criteria that you must bear in mind, in order to get what you need from an aesthetic point of view, in addition to durability and safety. Follow these points, so that you get the best installation possible from a railing manufacturer who can look out for you.  Decide On Which Type Of Railing That You Need For Your Property Regardless of what type of railing you need, location is critical in the decision-making process. You will have more options on a new construction than you would when building on an existing property and installing protective railing there. Regardless of what sort of property you are building on, you will typically choose between straight railing, L-shaped railing or circular railing. A railing manufacturer will be happy to help you throughout the design process to make sure that you are building for both efficiency and durability. Learn How Much Railing Installation Will Cost You To be sure that you are installing the handrails that you need for your property, do yourself a favor and get a plethora of quotes and estimates from railing manufacturers in your area. The reason for this is that costs will vary greatly depending on what sort of railing material you go with and the amount of labor involved. On a per 25 linear foot basis, you can typically expect to pay anywhere between approximately $376-$749. Getting plenty of quotes from contractors in your area will help you to be matched with a price that you can agree on. Hire A Professional Who Provides Top Notch Installation When it comes down to getting a railing contractor who can assist you, make sure that you see plenty of examples of their previous work. Any professional that you hire should be willing to provide you with references, which you can check on your own time. You should also be sure that they are Better Business Bureau accredited, in order to ensure that they subscribe to high standards with all of their work.  Keep this information present so that you are able to do your best to get quality railing installed on your property. From here, you can hire a professional and trustworthy railing manufacturer to assist you with your construction work. To learn more, contact a railing manufacturer company like Incom...

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How To Determine The Value Of Your Scrap Metal

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Scrap metal recycling is becoming an increasingly profitable business. Part of the reason why scrap metal recycling is growing in popularity is because there is more scrap metal available, and recycling that extra metal is not only profitable, but beneficial for the environment. The one downside to scrap metal recycling is that it can be difficult to determine the value of your scrap metal. When scrap metal is collected, it’s typically all lumped into one pile, so there’s no way to know how much each piece is worth. If you’re new to scrap metal recycling, use this guide to help you determine the value of your scrap metal. Determine If Your Metals Are Ferrous or Non-Ferrous One of the most important factors to consider when determining the value of your scrap metal is whether the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. Simply put, metals that are ferrous contain iron, and non-ferrous metals don’t contain iron. Ferrous metals include steel and cast iron; non-ferrous metals include brass, copper, and nickel. Making the distinction between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals is important because non-ferrous metals are typically more valuable than ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals aren’t magnetic, while ferrous metals are, so a magnet can be used to tell the difference between these two types of metals. Utilize Industry Tools Some metals might look the same from the outside, but what’s on the inside will determine the value, which is why utilizing industry tools is so important. For example, if you can’t identify a piece of your scrap metal, there are tools on the market that can accurately determine what elements make up the metal and how the metal should be categorized. The value of scrap metal can also be determined by the weight of it, so using the proper scale to weigh your metals will ensure you get a fair value for it. Factor In Extra Costs Once you have all of your pieces of scrap metal sorted, it’s time to factor in any extra costs. Extra costs could include cleaning the metal, because many buyers won’t accept metal that is extremely dirty or rusted. Another extra cost could be the cost of transportation, especially if you have a large pile of scrap metals. You’ll want to be sure you’ll get a sufficient amount of money for your scrap metals before you spend the money transporting all those metals to a scrap yard. Knowing how to determine the value of your scrap metal can help you turn this type of recycling from a hobby into a profitable business. So for more information and tips, visit scrap metal recycling websites...

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Why Your Construction Business Needs The Help Of A Metal Fabricator

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If you own a construction business, you likely work in conjunction with a number of other vendors to keep your business running smoothly.  However, one type of business help that you may have overlooked is a metal fabrication company.  These professionals have the ability to create industrial strength construction equipment that can be incredibly helpful to your company.  Use this information to learn more about why you need to stay in close contact with a metal fabricator. Metal Fabricators Keep You From Losing Business One of the most compelling reasons why you need to work with a metal fabrication company is because they can keep you from losing business.  When one of your machines goes down, you may not have the capital available to replace it right away. Even if you do, there may be a wait list for the equipment, since the machine that you need could be on backorder. When you work with a metal fabricator, they have the ability to craft the piece that you need to keep your equipment working.  This means that you won’t have to worry about losing business because your equipment is out of commission.  Your company maintains its reputation for excellence, while simultaneously insuring that the profits keep rolling in without delay. Metal Fabricators Keep You Up To Date Another reason why it is so important to work with a metal fabrication company is because it keeps you on the cutting edge of all that is new and trending in the construction industry.  There may be a number of different types of equipment available that can help to make your work even more efficient.  Your metal fabricator can keep you up to date concerning these new forms of technology so that you are always able to offer services to your clients that are as quick and potent as possible. For example, if you have a big construction project coming up, you can discuss the job with your metal fabricator to find out if there are any new types of steel or metal machinery available to help you get the job done in a more efficient manner.  This simple consultation with your fabricator can make you aware of what updates you need to make to your equipment in order to get the work done in a more timely fashion. Metal fabricators help you customize your construction inventory so you are always ahead of the pack.  Contact a metal fabricator as soon as possible so you can enjoy these benefits and many more. For professional metal fabrication services, contact a company such as Moorhead Machinery & Boiler...

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Understanding A Couple Of Common Problems Your Air Compressor Can Encounter

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Air compressors are essential for operating a variety of tools, and there are many businesses that rely on these devices to do their day to day task. However, air compressors are subjected to intense pressures that can cause them to experience any number of issues. However, understanding how to address the following two problems will help you to address a couple of the more common issues that these devices encounter.  Overheating  When your air compressor is needed for extended periods of time, it can start to overheat. There are many moving parts on the interior of these tools that will generate heat as the device is operating. While oil and other lubricants are designed to mitigate this problem, they can wear down over time, which can expose the unit to a much higher risk of suffering catastrophic damages.  If you notice that your unit is gradually starting to overheat, you will need to immediately turn it off. When these devices overheat, the interior components can melt, which will cause the device to be ruined. Regardless of the steps that your unit requires for you to check the lubricant levels, you should make sure to let the air compressor completely cool before you attempt this work. In addition to the risk of suffering a burn, you need to give the oil time to drain out of the motor, or you may accidentally add too much oil to it.  Low Air Pressure Another common issue that air compressors can encounter is a decrease in the strength of the air pressure coming from the device. This can prove to be particularly troublesome because your tools and devices that rely on the air compressor may experience severe deterioration in performance.  This issue is often caused by either a clogged filter or damaged seal. Changing the air filter is usually a simple task (consult your manual for directions), but if you find that this does not repair the problem you may need to contact a professional, such as Kruman Equipment Company. The compressor will need to be disassembled to locate the source of the leak, and this can be an extremely complicated task if you have never done it before. While you may not want to spend money having a professional repair these devices, this can be the best option for minimizing the risk of accidentally ruining this expensive tool. If your business needs a source of compressed air, you need to understand how to address some of the more common issues that these devices can encounter to help ensure that your business is not hampered any more than necessary when these systems encounter performance...

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Tackling Commercial Concerns About Transitioning Parts Of The Business To Solar Power

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When you consider the different expenses that go along with owning a business, electricity and energy will easily be one of the biggest bills every month. If you are like a lot of business owners, finding new solutions that can help you save on these costs is an attractive idea, and this is why so many business owners like the idea of implementing solar energy into their building. This could definitely be a beneficial change for both your business and the environment, but there is no doubt that you have a few questions about making the transition to a renewable energy source. Here are a few of the most common questions about transitioning parts of a commercial business into solar power.  Who would you need to contact in order to start making changes? You may think that solar and electric would require completely different contractors, but this is not always the case. There are many commercial electrical contractors who are just as skilled with green energy and solar power. You can easily obtain a thorough assessment of your business to determine if solar energy would be the right solution and how it could be implemented into your business.  Does solar energy have to mean unsightly solar panels? Even though it is only an aesthetic concern, solar panels jutting out of your commercial business may not be something you want, and that is understandable. Solar cells are impossible to avoid when it comes to solar power. They collect the suns rays and transfer that energy into power. However, solar panels do not have to be obvious in most cases. Modern cells are less bulky and much less conspicuous. They can be installed flat against the roof or even integrated into the side of a building. Therefore, you can easily implement solar energy without it being a noticeable change in your business’ appearance.  Does solar energy take a lot of effort to maintain? This is easily one of the biggest concerns from a business owner’s standpoint. After all, if maintenance costs over the long term will be just as costly as electric, the change to solar would be one that is moot. Solar panels, in general, will last as long as 30 years with little maintenance required. Therefore, once your main components are installed by the electrical contractor, you will not be dealing with laborious and costly maintenance.  The bottom line is, solar energy is an incredible way for you and your company to start saving money. Talk to a commercial electrical contractor like ABC Electric Co to learn...

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You’ve Got The Power: Investing In A Commercial Generator For Your Business

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As a business owner, you need to be prepared to meet your customer’s needs even in the face of emergencies and storms. Additionally, it is equally important that you be able to preserve the integrity of your company’s servers and network infrastructure in the event of a power failure. The best way to do both of these things is by investing in a commercial backup generator for your business. Here’s a look at what you should know about selecting and maintaining the right generator for your business. Selecting the Right Generator Buying a backup generator is a significant purchase for any business. Before you invest in any unit for your company, make sure you know what kind of power needs you actually have. Talk with a commercial electrician about your typical operations. He or she will evaluate your building, including your current power demand and the estimated peak demands that you’d face in the wake of a power outage. This will help you choose a generator with sufficient power for your operation. In some cases, a portable generator may be sufficient. For example, small businesses without a lot of equipment to support and companies that live in low-storm risk areas may be able to use inexpensive portable generators for peace of mind. Stand-by generators are better for more long-term and extensive needs, though. If you’re looking to keep the doors open and keep your whole network up while the power’s out, a standby generator is the best choice for you. Testing and Caring for the Generator If you don’t keep up with routine maintenance on your generator, there’s a good chance it won’t work when you need it most. Talk with the electrician who helps you install your generator to find out what the recommended maintenance schedule is, and put a plan in place to ensure that you keep up with that demand. You’ll want to have the generator cleaned and tested frequently to make sure it’s working properly. Additionally, consider investing in a fuel stabilizer additive to protect against any deterioration of the fuel in storage. When you take the proactive step to invest in a commercial power generator for your business, you’ll be able to rest easy when the stormy season comes in. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you’ve gone the extra mile to be there for them, and you’ll be able to protect your company’s valuable infrastructure as well. Work with a company like Sycamore Engineering for a thorough evaluation of your company’s electrical needs and backup power...

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Addressing Two Of Your Concerns About Using Equipment Rental Companies For Your Business

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Procuring the equipment and tools your workers need to do their jobs can seem like a daunting task for many small businesses. These pieces of equipment can be remarkably expensive, and this can prove to be cost prohibitive. Luckily, equipment rental solutions can allow you to have access to the tools you need without having to pay the high upfront costs of purchasing them. However, you may need a couple of routine questions answered about renting industrial equipment before you are able to adequately evaluate this option: What Are The Advantages To Using An Equipment Rental Company? One of the most important benefits of using these companies is the flexibility they offer for those with strict budgets. If you are needing an expensive piece of machinery for a particular project, it may not make a lot of sense to outright purchase this item. This is particularly true if you are unsure of when you will need this tool again. By opting for a rental company, you can have access to this equipment fro precisely the amount of time you need, and this can ensure you avoid missing out on profitable contracts due to concerns over investing in the needed equipment.  What Happens If The Equipment Suffers Some Damage While In Your Possession? Unfortunately, industrial activities can be extremely hard on machinery, and as a result, it is likely that your tool will suffer some form of damage while it is in your possession. Most often, this is in the form of simple wear and tear that can easily be repaired. However, there may be times when the device suffers far more extensive damage than this.  In most cases, you will be liable for the repair costs outside of normal wear and tear. However, this does not mean that you are guaranteed to pay out of pocket for these damages. Most rental companies offer their customers insurance policies that can protect them from these surprise costs. While opting for a comprehensive insurance policy can substantially increase the cost of your rental, this protection can be the only thing standing between you paying to replace a ruined piece of equipment versus allowing your insurance to handle the issue.  Renting the right equipment for your job is a valuable strategy for giving your business the flexibility to pursue ambitious projects without paying for capital investments. By understanding the benefits of these services and the importance of opting for an insurance policy from the rental company, you can ensure your business’s experience with using an equipment rental company to meet clients’ needs goes as smoothly as possible. To learn more, contact a company like Adams Rental & Sales with any questions or concerns you...

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3 Sneaky Ways to Reduce Your Heating Costs

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The Energy Information Administration estimates that in 2012 an average of $3,052 was spent on heating costs per person. This represents a significant portion of most people’s budget. If rising heating costs are taking up too much of your own budget, here are 3 sneaky ways that you can reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home in the future. 1. Stop Drafts Around Electrical Boxes Chances are there is at least one electrical box in each room of your home. While access to these boxes is essential when it comes to operating electrical items, electrical boxes can be a hidden source of heat loss. One easy way to reduce your heating costs is to ensure that you eliminate any drafts around your electrical boxes. Spray foam insulation is an excellent product to use when trying to seal off any drafts near your electrical boxes since this product expands into the smallest cracks and crevices. Removing the electrical box from the wall and packing the hole with fiberglass insulation can also be beneficial in reducing the amount of cold air creeping into your home. 2. Install Plastic Film over Windows and Doors When the Temperature Starts to Drop When it’s cold outside you are unlikely to keep windows or sliding doors open for extensive periods of time. Insulating films can help you retain 55% more heat in your home during the cold winter months. This increase in heat retention results in a significant decrease in your heating costs, so investing in insulating window film is a great way to cut back on your energy expenses. Be sure that you clean the window thoroughly with a solution of 1 teaspoon baby shampoo to 1 gallon water in order to achieve the pH level required for the film to adhere properly. 3. Adjust Your Exterior Doors’ Thresholds to Keep Cold Air out Over time, a home can begin to settle. While the changes are so minute that homeowners often don’t notice this settling, the process can result in a misalignment of exterior door thresholds. If you notice any gaps between the bottom of your exterior doors and their thresholds, it’s time for an adjustment. To complete this process, open the door in question and look for the four screws that hold the threshold in place. Give the screws a counterclockwise turn to raise the threshold and eliminate any openings where cold air can enter your home. Completing a few simple projects like adding insulation around electrical boxes, installing insulating window film, and raising exterior door thresholds can easily help you save money on your heating bill in the future. For more information, contact Oehlert Bros...

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Tackling Common Questions Concerning Custom Steel Cabinetry In The Home

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If you want to add a touch of designer modern appeal to your living space, it is no secret that stainless steel surfaces are the way to go. They are seamless and smooth and provide an industrial feel in spite of being placed inside of the home. Stainless steel cabinetry is one of the hottest trends in kitchens and bathrooms and if this is something you are considering, there is no doubt that you have a few questions. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning steel cabinetry in the home. Is it possible to just get a stainless steel counter? If you already have a cabinet design you like, but would still like to add a touch of modern appeal, you can actually add a stainless steel counter. Steel fabricators will work with you to cut and form a counter that will either fit over the existing countertop or replace it altogether. Stainless steel is a popular countertop choice in kitchen areas because they are easy to clean, heat resistant, and durable. Does the stainless steel have to be shiny and reflective? Just by stopping in at the local steel or metal fabricator you will find that stainless steel cabinetry comes in an array of forms. You do not have to choose a reflective and shiny surface if this does not fit in with your design ideas. Steel can be brushed to give it a more matte finish and even textured if you desire. The steel can even be combined with other metals, such as copper or iron, to create a completely unique finish. How difficult is stainless steel cabinetry to care for in the long term? Stainless steel cabinetry is easy to care for because of its generally smooth surface. You can use polish to buff out small scratches and make your cabinetry look as good as new. The cabinetry will be resilient to rust and you will not have to be concerned with water damage at all. Whereas wood can be re-stained for an updated look, stainless steel can be resurfaced by a metal fabricator if it does start to look worn or you want something new. If you are considering making some modern changes in your home, make sure you take some time to talk to a steel fabricator about what is available. You may find that steel cabinetry is the one change that makes your living space appear as something completely different than you are accustomed to. (For more information, contact Simko Industrial...

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